Beautiful Indian Festival – Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi is Indian festival or entertainment not only but also it is a culture for some community..
It’s a Hindu festival which widely celebrated in Maharashtra goa and Gujrat. Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna also called Janmashtami or Gopal kala..

Lord Krishna, who was known for his mischievous nature and fascination for butter as a child.
“Dahi Handi” means a clay pot called handi in hindi Indian language which filled with yoghurt called Dahi in hindi Indian language or some food related milk which clay pot means “Dahi Handi” hanging by some communities at a tall height and youngsters men and boys make a team and make a human pyramid together after that they attempt to reach towards The hanging clay pot and break it and people surrounding them play music and cheer them and also throw water on them in mischievous nature.

Nowadays in this “Dahi Handi” participation involvement of girls shown also in huge number and that’s really good thing…
Mumbai is famous for “Dahi Handi” celebration. people involving in this festival with much zeal.
It is said that Lord Krishna during his childhood days used to make human pyramids with friends to break pots hung from the ceiling…

So this is “Dahi Handi” festival so what are you waiting for let’s celebrate.

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