What Sexual Education teaches us

By looking at the current scenario have you asked yourself, why is there a growing need for Sexual Education??

In present scenario where lot of discussions happens on sexual education. Have you ever wondered what sex education really means? why is it important and what it teaches?….

Let’s understand what exactly is sex education…

Sex education goals to help in raising youngster’s awareness and encourage positive perceptions regarding sexual and reproductive health. It also creates more information within children and adolescents regarding sexual behaviour.

The goal of sex education is on sexual abstinence which control their bodies and also about communication and self-protection.

Sex education doesn’t make youth have more sex and never encourage them to do such a thing. In schools and colleges sex education doesn’t encourage kids and adults to start having sex sooner.

Now, let’s understand what sex education really teaches us…

  1. Sex education teaches to maintain a sexual abstinence.
  2. Sex education highlights hygiene as well as safety issues.
  3. Sex education teaches us to know and be aware about various sexual infections.
  4. Sex education teaches responsible etiquette.
  5. Sex education provide information about consent.
  6. Sex education teaches what is good touch and bad touch
  7. Sex education, forbids risky behaviour.
  8. Sex education creates safety for everyone.
  9. Sex education is an essential part of good quality education.
  10. Sex education teaches risk of all kind of sex.
  11. Sex education will prevent child from sex abuse.
  12. Sex education teaches sexual transmitted infection and diseases like HIV
  13. Sex education teaches sexual violence
  14. Sex education also gives accurate information about the pregnancy and In case of using various birth control methods, it creates understanding to know about its risk.
  15. Sex education teaches how children and adolescents can go through adverse conditions like sexual transmitted infection, unplanned pregnancies using wrong prescription birth control pills and HIV. and how they can get over from all  these.
  16. Sex education teaches how to have healthy sexual relationship and from which age period
  17. Sex education teaches pregnancy prevention and safe sex education.
  18. Sex Education helps students distinguish between misconception and the truth when it comes to sex.
  19. Sex education promotes abstinence from Sex until marriage.
  20. Sex education teaches physical changes in girls and boys like
  • Starting of hair growth on their private parts
  • Hormonal changes when girl start having periods and It also clarifies about how it is related to the sexual things.
  • Emotional changes like attraction towards each other.

I hope, by looking at the above 20 points and information you are now exactly aware about what is sexual education, why it is important and what it teaches us.

It will definitely help you and your surroundings more informed.

Be Informed !! Stay Safe !!

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