Menstrual Hygiene

Some people say menstrual periods are problem but it is strength to every woman and a tolerance power which help women in their delivery.

Well, it’s my opinion !!!

So, here I would like to tell you girls and women how you can take menstrual hygiene. And not only girls and women but also boys and men also can help them to maintain a menstrual hygiene to encourage them.

So, let’s have a look at some hygiene practices and habits which you can maintain during your periods.

    1. Use genital area cleaner like V Wash, it will help to maintain your vaginas pH balance, clean your genital area and get away from dry skin. You can also use wet wipes and other soft chemical free products.
    2. Wearing pad or period underwear for too long can lead to rash or infection.
    3. Drink enough water during periods. This can help wash out your urinary tract and help prevent infection.
    4. Wear breathable clothing’s such as cotton underwear as tight underwear and cloths can trap moisture and heat which can possibly allow germs and infection.
    5. Change your sanitary pads and tampon time to time and wash menstrual cup with hot water after every use.
    6. Wash your hands before you use pads tampon and menstrual cup.
    7. Pads must be changed after every 4 to 6 hours day time when we are more active during the day time and flow of bleed is high too.
    8. Discard sanitary napkins safely and after that must wash your hands. Because disposal also can cause infection on to you and your surrounding people.
    9. Avoid use of chemical hygiene soaps. It will dry your genital skin.
    10. Keep your genital area clean.
    11. Do not use public toilet while you are on your periods.
    12. Wash genital area frequently especially whenever go to pee and before go to bed; it will prevent germs and infection possibilities.
    13. You can also use organic pads that are made with natural products. These pads are more breathable than regular pads.
    14. If you can’t afford organic pads as they are bit more expensive and also it usually come in small packages, then you must at least use regular pads. But do not ever use period cloths which some ladies reuse frequently in their periods which may cause infection and hazardous diseases.
    15. Couple should clean their private parts properly after and even before sex. As woman is on her periods, man should wash his private parts so the risk of potential yeast infection towards woman would decrease.

    As you have seen the above most useful menstrual hygiene practices and guidelines. You must follow in order to achieve healthy lifestyle and avoid any health related problems.

    So, Girls and women THINK HEALTHY….. BE HEALTHY……!!!

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